Well, this is me, Cassandra Dennis, exposed.

I created this blog to share the inner workings of my thoughts, perceptions and preferences that shape why I view life and sometimes others the way that I do.  My life has been a journey of hell at times, often times because I raised a lot of hell.

A few year’s ago, I came up with a mantra: Life – Own it, Don’t Blame Yet.  It wasn’t until recently, that I began living this mantra.  I became distracted with how other’s were living their lives or blaming my poor decisions on others.  Once I became sick and tired of me and my lack of direction in life I did some soul-searching and sought out my purpose.  I realized I had been existing for a number of years without delving into who was below the skin of my existence.  I’d been living a surface existence and wanted more.  I refused to become easily distracted during this process, nor would I stop, even when the truth hurt; because in order to live a purpose filled life the layers had to be peeled back and a new sturdy foundation created.

So my journey continues and it looks like you will be taking it with.  Buckle up…