Bandwagon Rhetoric

Expressed by: Cassandra Dennis

Hhhhhmmmmm, a Proxy . . . Acting on an impulse?

As I read the post, “On An Impulse!!!” it made me stop and think about some of my decisions.  Thank you Manual Orsonio – emotionsoflife2016 and The Daily Post for prompting this moment of reflection.

Manual posted,

Would you appoint a
Proxy to think for you, to
Act for you? Why do
You give your power away
Then? Why act on an impulse?

This post made me think of a couple of things.  One being the number of times I agreed with or offered my strong opinion on a half truth. You know, the times the media reported a one sided story or someone posted a lie and sold it as a bill of goods on line. Of course I allowed my emotions to run amuck and jumped on the ever so popular opinionated bandwagon of social media commentary.  Basically, wasting my energy on someone else’s perspective, which many times proved to be false. Oh don’t judge me, I’m sure one or two of you have glided down that slippery slope too.  But shhhh, shhh emojiI won’t tell if you won’t.

Thinking about the number of times I rode that bandwagon of rhetoric, allowing someone else to think for me or allowing myself to be prompted into over zealous action because I did not take the time to research the information.

I reflect on the point in my life when I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted out of life.  So if someone pointed out I was good at “xyz”, then I headed down that path or if someone else said you are anointed to do “abc” then I headed down that path.  Living life without a compass, wasting time and money; and yielding my power to others to map out MY life, a proxy.  Why?  Fear, laziness, a combination of a few things.  The bottom line, it became necessary for me to get to the root of who I am (thus the birth of this blog), what’s my purpose, then I boldly and proudly began to travel along my path and I’m enjoying the journey.

After many moments of meditation and reflection years ago God gave me this mantra, LIFE: Own it, Don’t Blame It.  Afterwards, I fired all of my proxy’s and took the helm of my own life.  I’m rockin’ and rollin’ now baby, with my helmet securely fastened!!!



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